Energy is Truth

28-31 Dicembre 2018


“Energy is truth.

You can feel it here and now: you are energy, the birds singing in the trees are energy, the trees going toward the sky are energy; the stars moving, the sun rising every day — everything is energy. And energy is neither good nor bad. Energy is always neutral.” Osho – Hidden Harmony n.9

Moving with energy brings us happiness and bliss, struggling with energy brings us unhappiness.

Days will be dedicated to:

• Recognize the flow of energy, whatever it is inside and around us and move with it.
• To perceive the quality of the energy that is expanding and allow us to live it in its richness.
• Let the energy flow, going beyond preconceived ideas that can make us lazy, asleep, with attitudes of division.
• Understand the energetic origin of these divisions and grasp the possibility of their transformation.
• Realizing that the energy system is neutral, if we follow it we can be happy, satisfied and this is our birthright.

Do not miss it, I wait for you!