Free to love


Accessing to the memories of the cells means to bring a deep cleansing and healing to the issues of relationship, first of all our relationship with intimacy, with food, with abundance, and with certain ideas that we have about ourselves.

You will visit the experience of nine months in the womb of the mother, when you were one with her, in the time that bridge between the incarnate and non-incarnate. When you were one with the mother a lot has happened and some of these situations have remained as a program within us. This group helps you to discover them, in an extremely thin and delicate way.

Accessing to those memories can lead to a deep relaxation of the dynamics of judgment, an understanding of their way of functioning and a subsequent detachment from them.

It ‘also a gateway to memories of oness that we have experienced in the womb. It takes you to open up more and more to the joy of love as dimension and expansion of your energy relaxed.

You will feel again that connection with nature and Life, that sense of joy that give lightness, elegance and simplicity to life!