Master in “Memory Access”

Master in “Memory Access”

It’s a master on cellular memories and beliefs related to them. Replenishes the essential qualities of each person and improves relations, bringing awareness to those mechanisms that occur in everyday life, which can be linked to prenatal and collective experiences , and that limit and prevent to blossom fully. Along the way you take action, through energy work, activating memories or bodily sensations related to what has been experienced, which often do not have neither remembrance nor conscience. In this way the automatisms which arise in life, can be recognized, understood and processed. It’s a delicate process, lived in an atmosphere of space, relaxation and acceptance, without any effort, in order to allow to emerge only what the system is ready to melt. The work is divided into three levels that correspond to the ‘three brains’ (navel, heart and third eye) recognized in the human system, that is those energy centers where are the intelligences as well as the issues that limit. It is a path that can be used to find a personal well-being and a balance as well as to learn a cycle of help sessions. The memory access is therefore recommended to people who are already working in the holistic field and want to enrich their experience and their scope.

After each module you can offer sessions of memory access.

Who: open to all after an interview.

When: 4 and 1/2 days residential for each module.


Structure – Modules:
1) First brain – 4 and 1/2 days
2) Second brain – 4 and 1/2 days
3) Third brain – 5 days

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1 – The navel – The first brain

The navel technique refers to Matthew Appleton’s Biodynamic Craniosacral, from who we receive the permission to develop and to present it fron OPH’s point of view. The navel is and represents our center of physical connection with the world, it is in the navel that we were nourished by the mother. To access to the memories of the navel, means to bring a deep cleansing and healing to the relashionship’s issues, first of all our relationship with intimacy, then with nourishment, with abundance and with some ideas that we have from ourselves. It can be an access path to the memories of fusion with the whole that we experimented in the mother’s womb.

2 – The heart – the second brain

The heart is the center from which we received nourishment through mother’s breasts, it is in the heart of our mother and our father that we were carried in their arms. Love is what everybody, in one form or another continue to seek, the reason why we act and we move in life. Acceding to its memories opens a door through a balancing of the feminine and masculine energies kept in us. It broadens our contact with the source of love and so can relieve the tensions that we have accumulated around love. Can bring you to a wider opening to the joy of love as dimension and to the relaxed expansion of your energy.

3 – The third eye – The third brain

The third eye is the center of our insight vision, it is also the center of a certain tension that we can feel when we look at ourselves as we move into life. We live in an era in which vision is constantly stimulated, our third eye is very often activated and sometimes it overloads and causes internal tensions, not last the difficulty of a restful sleep. Is a control center of the physical body through pituitary and epiphysis glands and of our behaviours and actions, as well as those of others. Acceding to this memories can bring a deep relaxation of the judgment dynamics, to a comprehension of their functioning and a following detachment.