During the Master, keys will be given to read and work with the forms and metaphysical structures present in the auric field.
Each person has a specific sensory perception that is the means by which intercepts and recognizes reality.
The goal is to help operators to become more aware of their perceptive capacities and their uniqueness in caring the O.P.H .. energy ray.
In subtle bodies we can see how identities change the auric field, through the exploration of personal experience we can trigger a process of limiting ideas and conditioning, by recognizing them as true structures.
These structures have their correlated material conformation.
There will be taught how to recognize them and how to work in different cases.

The O.P.H. system and the Aura-Soma will help in the teaching of metaphysical readings.

• Metaphysical readings
• Convictions and influences on our lives
• Structures: shapes, consistency and quality
• Lifting techniques of the structures
• Sounds and colors as radiant help