It is a training that teaches an individual session that brings: relaxation, revitalization, centering, emotional cleansing, confidence, greater presence, clarity in bringing to light what is expanding the feeling.
Teaches to recognize and intervene on the energy field (Aura) in order to increase the state of psycho-physical well-being at all levels (thoughts and beliefs, emotions, sensations, physicality).
It is a journey that can be undertaken both for personal growth and as a professional specialization and can also improuves already acquired techniques such as body work, counseling and energy healing.
During the journey, the operator will have the opportunity to explore and deepen meditation through the use of different techniques from Western and Eastern traditions.
Thus, a process of inner growth and transformation is initiated by experimenting and understanding the energetic and spiritual events of life events.


First Part:

When: Nine residential days


  • Basic Technique: harmonizing energy
  • Energy reading and cleaning of the environments (five-pointed star)
  • The chakras: what they are, how they move and their effect on the movement of energy
  • Perception of the energy flow: reading and addressing energy
  • Centering: Hara
  • Center of energy transformation: Heart as the fourth chakra
  • Basic session
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Energy symptoms: hyper- and hypo-processing techniques
  • Listening: Opening to the presence
  • Astral body, and fire energy: expansion and restriction
  • Bioplasmic body and the etheric flow: consistency and influences
  • OPH Self-Healing Session
  • Cleaning Technique – Chakra Sufi
  • Atisha’s Transformation
  • OPH Meditation technique – Golden Nectar
  • OPH Meditation technique – The Well


Second Part

When: Nine residential days


  • Astral Body: personal power, its healthy enactment and possible energetic dstortions even according to the Kapfmann triangle
  • Mental Body: air element, expansion and restriction – intervention methods
  • From the dual mind to the pure presence
  • Look, feel, see with the Heart
  • P.H. method of distant healing – Initiation and practice
  • Full session practice
  • Reading auric body and interconnection with the chakras
  • Client: interview and energy reading
  • OPH Meditation Technique – the Heart Teacher
  • OPH Meditation Techniques – Open Energy

The OPH has operators and teachers all over Italy, and it is recommended to be followed by a tutor during the training.



  1. Healing Shocks
  2. O.P.H. e Strutture Metafisiche


  1. Healing with Sounds and Colors
  2. Memory Access


  1. Energia è verità
  2. Vivere, amare, ridere
  3. 3° Chakra