Living, Loving, Laughing

11-15 August 2018


The focus of these days is to remind us to celebrate and learn to expand 3 dimensions:

– Live: We are living and very often we compress vital energy for fear, for convictions, by habit. We will use techniques to increase the awareness of greater vitality and to which possibilities it opens.

– Love: We all seek love and often encounter wounds in our relationship. We use much energy to judge ourselves and others. We will contact the power of transforming the heart by opening to the possibility that many of these misunderstandings will dissolve and open up to more loving-kindness.

– Laugh: Osho told us jokes at every speech. He also invited us to laugh in The Mystic Rose. His message is celebration, to let go, not to take ourselves seriously. Through the technique of laughter, every day we will remember that everything is relative and we can celebrate and relax in the moment that we live in and in what we are.

Upadhi will help everyone to expand these dimensions